June RCMP report

File Summary – In June 2022, Mackenzie RCMP responded to 226 files and conducted 6 proactive road checks. The RCMP dealt with 16 files involving a transient male who suffered from a brain injury and multiple mental health disorders in June. The RCMP were able to get him somewhere with resources to assist him better.

Investigations of Interest:

2.1. On 2022-06-01 A district of Mackenzie Employee reported a male on a bicycle ride past her and spit at her. Investigators arrested the male and released him with a court date.

2.2. 2022-06-02 Members responded to a vacant residence on Gagnon Cres. The complainant advised that they were cleaning it up to take it over from the owners. Individuals entering through back insecure door and spray painting graffiti. Complainant advised to change locks and ensure all doors are secure.

2.3. 2022-06-02 Complainant reported a disturbance at a residence on Stuart Dr. Complainant reported that a male and female were observed yelling at one another. All parties indicated it was a verbal dispute only. Members to monitor the situation and individuals.

2.4. 2022-06-02 Reports of a male punching a wall near the mall. Male was located and spoken to, however, denied hitting the wall. No cuts or abrasions noted on the male’s knuckles. The male was warned regarding his behaviour by police.

2.5. 2022-06-02 Bylaw advised the Mackenzie RCMP of a complaint regarding an illegal taxi service. Bylaw advised that their complainant has seen the individuals make constant deliveries and saw a Facebook post regarding the cab company. Members are still investigating the situation.

2.6. On 2022-06-03 Reports of a male throwing shoes at customers was received at a business on Mackenzie Blvd. The Complainant advised that they had received a call from a customer regarding a male sitting outside the business. The customer stated that the male had thrown shoes at her while she was sitting inside her vehicle. A possible suspect was identified, however, unable to confirm the identity and no victim came forward to police.

2.7. 2022-06-03 Police advised that there were a group of kids at the abandoned school on Heather Cres, breaking windows. Members attended and located a piece of plywood removed and the window was smashed. Members confirmed that no entry was gained. Three female youth located in the area and advised police that they had heard a window being smashed and then observed a male leaving the area. Patrols of the area were made and no one else was located in the area. The complainant did not see the incident but had been told about it and called police. Members contacted the school board to have them board up the windows again.

2.8. 2022-06-03 Mackenzie RCMP member observed a vehicle make an erratic turn on Crysdale Dr. The vehicle was observed failing to stop at stop signs and not signalling prior to turning. The vehicle did not obey any traffic laws and proceeded at a high rated speed toward mill rd. Member attempted a traffic stop and attempted to close the distance however, the male continued at a high rated speed to evade police. Unknown who the driver of the vehicle was. No license plate was visible on the vehicle. Police will continue to be proactive with enforcing traffic laws.

2.9. 2022-06-04 Mackenzie RCMP member observed a male who is known to be in a part of the drug trade and began speaking with him. The male had a meth pipe in his hand and was arrested for possession. A search of the male led to a small bag of suspected methamphetamines being located and seized for disposal. Due to new drug laws, no possession charges will be laid.

2.10. 2022-06-04 A male reported to police that a transient male had spit on him at 7-11. The male then swore at him and departed on foot. The transient male was located and stated he spat on the ground not on the complainant. The RCMP was unable to get in contact with the Complainant again after the original call and no further details were provided.

2.11. 2022-06-04 Complainant reported that a transient male was standing in front of her residence staring at her home. Previous history of the male at this residence. Transient male spoken to and advised not to return. No offence committed at this time.

2.12. 2022-06-04 A complainant called the RCMP to report a male walking around with a stick pointing it at kids on Centennial Dr. Members attended and spoke with the male and educated him on his behaviour. No offence committed.

2.13. 2022-06-04 the RCMP received a request for a check well being on a male that was laying in a bush opposite of the Mackenzie Sports Bar. Members attended and located a very intoxicated passed out male. Ambulance attended. A sober relative called and attended to take care of the male for the evening.

2.14. 2022-06-05 Members called to assist BC ambulance service with a male who had overdosed at a residence. Members attended and male had awoken from narcan administered by roommates. BC Ambulance attended shortly after and transported male to hospital for care.

2.15. 2022-06-05 The RCMP received a complaint of a male with his top off making rude comments toward her located at the Purple Bicycle. The complainant was riding her bicycle past the purple bicycle when the transient male engaged her in conversation. The male was highly inappropriate in which the complainant advised him of. The transient male spat in her direction and departed. The complainant did not wish for charges and a safety plan was discussed with her.

2.16. 2022-06-05 the RCMP received a call for assistance for a domestic in progress. The complainant advised they had observed a male kicking a female. Members attended and located both parties. Victim uncooperative. Male arrested and will be attending court in august.

2.17. 2022-06-06 the RCMP received a complaint regarding a disturbing interaction with a transient male. The complainant had stated that the male approached her outside of the mall and asked her for a cigarette. She declined to provide him a cigarette and apologized. The transient male became loud, started swearing and stated that he was sorry for his miserable life. The complainant was not interested in further police action. Safety plan completed with the Complainant.

2.18. 2022-06-07 Mackenzie RCMP received a sensitive file from a specialized unit out of the lower mainland. Investigation underway and multiple judicial authorizations being written to assist in the file.

2.19. 2022-06-08 RCMP located a vehicle driving on McIntyre Dr and queries indicated that the registered owner of the vehicle was a prohibited driver. Traffic stop initiated and the driver was confirmed to be a prohibited driver. Driver arrested for driving while prohibited and released with a court date in August. BC License plate seized as inactive and not registered to the vehicle. Vehicle towed and violation tickets issued.

2.20. 2022-06-09 RCMP received a report of a fire near the McLeod Lake child care centre in Sekani Dr. The complainant stated it sounded as if gun shots were going off and saw flames in the area. Members attended and several abandoned vehicles had been set on fire in the bush. Firefighters already on scene. Firefighters advised they believed the fire had been started by firecrackers. Several attempts to obtain any information to identify the individual responsible, all unsuccessful. File concluded at this time, but to be re-opened if new evidence arises.

2.21. 2022-06-09 RCMP received a complaint of a disturbance at the mall. The complainant advised that a transient male may be intoxicated and wanted him removed. The transient male was located and did not appear intoxicated. He was asked to leave the area did so without further incident.

2.22. 2022-06-09 RCMP received a complaint of threats being uttered. The complainant did not want charges but wanted the individual spoken to. Police spoke with the individual who was apologetic of their actions.

2.23. 2022-06-09 Rec centre requested police assist them by serving a Ban letter from the Rec centre to a transient male who had been causing issues at the Rec Centre. Ban Letter issued to male.

2.24. 2022-06-10 RCMP received a report of a transient male kicking a fence over on their property. Members located the male and spoke with him and advised him not to return. File still under investigation.

2.25. 2022-06-10 RCMP requested to assist Mackenzie Fire department with a fire at an apartment building on Centennial Dr. Members attended to ensure on lookers were kept away. No injuries and fire was handled.

2.26. 2022-06-11 RCMP advised of a disturbance at a townhouse complex on Stuart Dr. Neighbours yelling and screaming at Complainant. Complainant advised that the male had then pulled his girlfriends hair and the pair ended up on the ground. Police attended and no signs of injury present. Both male and female declined anything happening and female refused to speak with police further. Charges to be forwarded regarding the incident.

2.27. 2022-06-11 RCMP received a complaint of an intoxicated male rolling on the ground screaming and yelling on Stuart Dr. Members attended and located the male and a sober individual. Male had consumed hard liquor and mushrooms and was having a bad trip. Sober relative able to care for him and took him home.

2.28. 2022-06-11 RCMP received a complaint that a transient male was yelling at children and calling them names at 400 Mackenzie Blvd. Transient male located and educated on his behavior.
2.29. 2022-06-11 Uninsured vehicle stolen from vacant residence. No suspects, witnesses or surveillance footage available. No VIN available and No License plates of vehicle.

2.30. 2022-06-12 Assist fire with a trailer fire at Morfee Trailer Court. Arson ruled out.

2.31. 2022-06-12 A vehicle failed to stop for police while attempting to conduct a traffic stop on Highyway 97 N. No pursuit initiated and vehicle eventually located and stopped by Prince George RCMP and issued a violation ticket.

2.32. 2022-06-12 RCMP received a complaint of a transient male yelling at himself and asking the complainant for change when the complainant denied giving him change he became confrontational and screaming vulgar language at her. Male was arrested for causing a disturbance and released with a court date in August. The complainant’s boyfriend was also on scene and when members attempted to obtain a statement from him he became abrasive and belligerent.

2.33. 2022-06-13 RCMP received a report that a transient male who was on conditions not to speak with a victim from a previous file, had approached the complainant and began yelling at her.

2.34. 2022-06-14 While the RCMP was attempting to follow up with an individual for a file of a disturbance, the male became abrasive and belligerent and told the member that he was going to be attending Mackenzie BC and punch a transient male in the face and put him in the hospital. The male was arrested by another policy agency on behalf of the Mackenzie RCMP and given a court date in August.

2.35. 2022-06-14 Domestic assault reported. Male arrested for assault and provided a court date in August.

2.36. 2022-06-14 RCMP received a complaint of an assault. Female struck several times in the face and head by accused. Another male was struck in the head with 2 wine bottles by the accused. Accused arrested and held in police custody until able to be brought before a judge. Accused remanded until next court appearance in July.

2.37. 2022-06-15 Canada Post reported that a male had been prying open mail boxes and stealing parcel cards. The male then attempted to retrieve the parcel cards despite his name not being on them. Investigation is still under way.

2.38. 2022-06-17 RCMP received another report of an alarm going off at Old Mackenzie Elementary School. Boards pried off window and window smashed. Blood was observed on various parts of the glass. No persons located inside.

2.39. 2022-06-19 RCMP received a report that a transient male had jumped in front of her moving vehicle on Mackenzie Blvd. Male located and apprehended under the Mental Health act. The male was certified and transported to Prince George where he was provided the help he required.

2.40. 2022-06-19 RCMP received a complaint that while at the gas station at the Junction on Hwy 97 and Hwy 39 a male in his 30’s approached the complainant’s vehicle and opened her car door and asked where she was headed. The Complainant told the male to leave her alone and he left. The complainant then left the area toward Prince George. Once in McLeod Lake a white van from a side road pulled out and stopped in front of her vehicle. The complainant stated the male began walking toward her vehicle and she went around them and departed south on Hwy 97. The area was described as a construction zone with no one around. No further information was provided to further the investigation, however, members will continue make efforts to identify the suspect.

2.41. 2022-06-21 Mackenzie RCMP received a sensitive file from a specialized unit out of the lower mainland. Investigation underway and multiple judicial authorizations being written to assist in the file.

2.42. 2022-06-21 During patrols the Mackenzie RCMP located a male who was breaching his 24/7 house arrest by being in Mackenzie and outside of his residence. The male took off on foot and members were unable to relocate him. The male is wanted on an outstanding warrant for breaching his conditions.

2.43. 2022-06-23 Members called to an apartment building for a report of a male wanting to fight everyone while intoxicated. The investigation led to a report of domestic assault and child negligence. Male arrested and released with a court date in august. File referred to MCFD for child negligence. File still under investigation by Police.

A/ Detachment Commander
Cpl. Calvin AIRD

Note: Monthly RCMP reports can also be viewed in Committee of the Whole reports to Council.

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