BCSF requesting proposals for South Peace snowmobile plan

The British Columbia Snowmobile Federation, in partnership with our South Peace snowmobile clubs, is seeking proposals from qualified interested parties to develop a South Peace Snowmobile Development Master Plan.

This project will create a strategy to:

  • Facilitate and engage the BCSF and our partner clubs in identifying projects and prioritizing projects.
  • Create a regional snowmobile tourism strategy to help communities in the South Peace begin to grow the economic impact snowmobiling can have for their communities in the winter.
  • Provide guidance for achieving our goals by ensuring construction standards, trail signage guidelines and implementation plans are consistent with Provincial and Regional priorities.
  • Develop a report that will become the “call to action” for funders and decision makers to help us through support of these projects.
  • Creating a decision package that will support the necessary land permissions for proposed work including Section 57 Authorizations to do work and/or Section 56 for the ongoing management of the project investments.

The BCSF member snowmobile clubs in the region are the Rocky Mountain Riders (Mackenzie), Pine Valley Trail Blazers (Chetwynd) and the TR Ridge Riders. The BCSF will act as the “project lead” for administration, consultation and direction during the project.

Closing date for proposals July 22, 2022

  • More details on the RFP can be found HERE
  • Details on the $330,000 BCSF South Peace Infrastructure Fund can be found HERE
  • BCSF Comments on Winter Motorized Recreation Management Plan in the South Peace (caribou recovery) HERE

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