RCMP Report for April

File Summary – In April 2022, Mackenzie RCMP responded to 225 files and conducted nine proactive road checks.

Investigations of Interest:

On 2022-04-01 RCMP members responded to a fire on the exterior wall of the Mackenzie Mall. No surveillance available and no suspects identified at this time.

On 2022-04-02 RCMP members responded to a logging truck that went into the ditch on Highway 97 south of McLeod Lake. No injuries to any occupants.

On 2022-04-03 RCMP members responded to a report of a physical domestic. One person arrested and released on conditions to protect the victim.

On 2022-04-03 RCMP members responded to a domestic in progress. It was determined minor physical assault to which the victim would not cooperate with police in providing a statement.

On 2022-04-04 RCMP responded to multiple gas meters being tampered with. It is believed the suspect was trying to steal the brass for salvage.

On 2022-04-04 RCMP members responded to a break and enter to a closed pulp mill. It was determined the truck was stolen out of Prince George. The following day Mackenzie RCMP located the truck on Hwy 97 south of McLeod lake. Attempts to stop the truck with police dog services and plain clothes section from Prince George negative when the vehicle was lost in traffic. Truck recovered. No suspects at this time.

On 2022-04-06 RCMP members responded to an abandoned house that had been broken into. The house was in very rough shape and nothing inside was believed to be of value or stolen.

On 2022-04-08 RCMP members were called out for a home invasion in progress. Members attended and detained multiple people. A modified BB gun (possibly could shoot a .22 rifle round) was located and seized from one suspect. Victim uncooperative with police. Believed to be targeted home invasion with all parties known by Mackenzie RCMP. Due to lack of cooperation from victim police do not have grounds for criminal charges on file.

On 2022-04-10 RCMP members responded to a report of a domestic in progress, during the arrest of the suspect one of the attending members was assaulted. Alcohol was a factor. No charges for assault police officer but charges for assault on their partner recommended. Court to follow in a few months.

On 2022-04-10 RCMP members responded to a domestic in progress in McLeod Lake. Members comforted it was a physical domestic. Attempts to arrest the suspect they fled into a nearby river and a member jumped in to pull them out. All are well and charges for assault with a weapon are being forwarded to Crown counsel for consideration.

On 2022-04-11 and 2022-04-20 RCMP members were called out to a report of a break and enter to the same abandoned house. Unknown what and if anything was taken. No suspects or witnesses at this time.

On 2022-04-14 RCMP members responded to a theft of a bike from Mackenzie Secondary School. Surveillance show an unknown person with a mask take the bike from the bike rack at the school. Bike later recovered via Facebook post by owner. No suspects on file.

2022-04-24 RCMP members responded to a report of breach of conditions stemming from a domestic assault file. Members located and arrested the suspect pending a court date in May.

On 2022-04-28 RCMP members attempted to stop a white van believed to have no insurance and a driver without a licence. Vehicle fled on members down the Finlay FSR. Unable to confirm identity of drivers to proceed with charges on file.

On 2022-04-30 during a check stop at Windy point a suspect came through the check stop. Suspect was recognized from Prince George and is known to be involved in the drug trade. Suspect was prohibited from driving and arrested for that. Incidental to arrest, ammunition Fentanyl and Cocaine were located with an approximate street value of $10,000. Car impounded. Pending drug testing and drug expert opinion RCMP will be requesting charges for breach of probation (suspect prohibited from having ammunition), driving while prohibited and possession of a controlled substance for the purposes of trafficking.

During the month of April Mackenzie RCMP attended to the Mackenzie Mall approximately 8 times for a report of the same male causing issues in the entrances. Mackenzie RCMP are currently working with property representatives to address this issue. At this time a letter to ban the suspect from coming back has been issued to him.

Cpl. C. AIRD
Mackenzie RCMP

Monthly RCMP reports can also be viewed in Committee of the Whole reports for Mackenzie Council

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