RCMP Report for February

File Summary – Investigations of Interest

  • 2.1. On February 2nd, 2022 RCMP responded to a call at the mall for an male passed out in the bathroom, the male was located, drugs were found on his person and seized for destruction, the male was able to care for himself and was removed from the mall.
  • 2.2. On February 2nd, 2022 RCMP received a call of a possible high risk missing persons, the rumour the wife had received, was that her husband was being held in a hotel room. Members cleared the hotel room with negative results. Dawson Creek RCMP became involved in the search for this missing person, they located this male in Dawson Creek area, he was arrested and found to be in possession of firearms. This male is now on house arrest back in Mackenzie.
  • 2.3. On February 2nd, 2022 RCMP were dispatched along with the Mackenzie Fire Department to a house fire on Hunter Road. The house was fully engulfed in flames, and the fire department put out the fire, all residents were located safe. Fire Department to investigate the cause of the fire.
  • 2.4. On February 2nd, a report came into the RCMP of a woman being assaulted by a male. Female attended the hospital for injuries, and the male was arrested for assault. He was released to attend court in the near future.
  • 2.5. On February 3rd, 2022 a vehicle was reported in the ditch by Airport Road, with a male slumped over the steering wheel. Members attended and arrested the male for impaired driving. He was released on a 24 hour Driving Prohibition.
  • 2.6. On February 4th, 2022, a firearm was relinquished to the RCMP after both parties found to be unlawfully in possession of a firearm. Firearms and ammunition seized for destruction.
  • 2.7. RCMP responded to a break and enter to a shed belonging to the Cadets behind the Elks Lodge. The break and enter appeared to have happened some time ago. Photo’s were taken. No suspects at this time.
  • 2.8. On February 8th, RCMP responded to a call for an assault that was occurring to a local male. Members attended and the male had been assaulted by two unknown males. The victim was taken to Mackenzie hospital for his injuries. No suspects at this time.
  • 2.9. On February 8th, RCMP responded to a break and enter of the Baptist church, estimated value of stolen property is around $400.00. Members obtained fingerprints from the scene, at this time no suspects and no video surveillance. File is still under investigation.
  • 2.10. On February 9th, RCMP received a call to advise of an altercation that had occurred at the mall. The adult male was in a dispute with two youth, which became physical. After the investigation the victim did not wish to proceed with charges.
  • 2.11. On February 9th, RCMP responded to a domestic assault. A local male was arrested for assault and breach his Probation Order conditions. The male was held in custody by the Justice center, he was remanded to Prince George for court, where he was released on a Release Order with conditions. He is currently not allowed to be in the District of Mackenzie.
  • 2.12. On February 10th, the Alexander Mackenzie Hotel called the RCMP to report two youths being disruptive, security footage shows two youths, causing approximately $200.00 dollars worth of damages. The Hotel does not want charges, however wished the youths spoken to. The youths were spoken to and advised that charges will proceed should their behavior continue.
  • 2.13. On February 10th, RCMP located a high risk vehicle with a gun case on the floor. This vehicle is associated to suspects for drugs and other criminal activity, who have outstanding warrants. A Search of the vehicle yielded other prohibited weapons inside the vehicle. All attempts to locate the suspects were negative.
  • 2.14. On February 10th, RCMP were conducting enforcement in the community when they located, weapons, ammunition and drugs in an unsecure vehicle. These items were seized. No charges at this time.
  • 2.15. On February 10th, while conducting enforcement in the community. During a consent search, drugs were seized from a local male. These drugs to be destroyed.
  • 2.16. On February 11th, RCMP responded to a trailer fire just south of Mackenzie. The trailer was allowed to burn, as the location is not covered by the Mackenzie Fire Department. No injuries reported.
  • 2.17. On February 11th, RCMP responded to a domestic violence call. A male was arrested and released for court in May.
  • 2.18. On February 12th, RCMP seized a small amount of drugs from a traffic stop. Drugs were seized to be destroyed. No charges forwarded.
  • 2.19. On February 13th, six guns were seized from a local resident who did not have a firearms license to possess these guns. These guns to be destroyed. No charges forwarded.
  • 2.20. On February 14th, a domestic assault was reported, The accused was arrested to go before a Bail hearing with a Judge, he was subsequently released on conditions for a up coming court date.
  • 2.21. On February 14th, on a routine call, members located a male inside a residence of a victim who had no contact conditions. The male was arrested to go before a Bail hearing with a Judge, he was remanded to Prince George by the Sheriffs. He was released on a Release Order, to not be in Mackenzie. This is due to multiple Breach and assault files recently.
  • 2.22. On February 14th, while on patrol, RCMP observed a white truck with no lights on. The vehicle was pulled over and the driver received a 24 hour Driving Prohibition.
  • 2.23. On February 15th, Conifex Mill reported the theft of copper wire from the Power Plant. Unable to substantiate a suspect to forward charges.
  • 2.24. On February 16th, an axe was seized from a local male who was walking down the street. This seizure was done for public safety.
  • 2.25. On February 17th, A patron from the Alexander Mackenzie Hotel reported his laptop stolen from his room. No suspects or witness the laptop was entered on CPIC with the serial number.
  • 2.26. On February 17th, a stolen Husqvarna riding mower was located in Mackenzie, this mower was stolen from a Prince George business. The stolen property returned to the owner.
  • 2.27. On February 17th, charges are being forward to crown counsel, for Criminal Harassment charges for a local male.
  • 2.28. On February 18th, RCMP received a call of a male carrying an axe in the mall. The male was located and the axe seized for public safety.
  • 2.29. On February 18th, a local resident reported his house broken into, several items stolen. No CCTV or suspects.
  • 2.30. On February 19th, a local resident reported his house was broken into between December 2021 to now. Several firearms, tools and board games were stolen, other damage to the property was also done. Estimated loss and damage is estimated at $5000.00.
  • 2.31. On February 20th, a local resident reported their vehicle stolen. Vehicle added to CPIC.
  • 2.32. On February 20th, during a routine traffic stop, a female received a 24 hour Driving Prohibition.
  • 2.33. On February 20th, the Nordic club shed was reported to have been broken into in the past seven days, several items stolen. Entry was gained through an unlocked window. No suspects, no CCVE.
  • 2.34. On February 22nd, a local resident on Gagnon Cres, reported someone tried to gain entry into their home. All doors were locked, footsteps observed from someone being at the back door and left through the back yard.
  • 2.35. On February 24th, a local male received a 24 hour driving prohibition from driving. The vehicle was impound as it was not insured as well.
  • 2.36. On February 26th, two local youth were arrested for shop lifting, they were released to appear in court at a later date.
  • 2.37. On February 26th, two youths were arrested at the Rec Center for These two youths were also arrested in the evening and charged with obstruct a police officer, from a call of a youth threatening a person with a hammer. Members arrested the youth who fled from police, they were released to appear in court at a later date.
  • 2.38. On February 27th, members located a stolen vehicle in Mackenzie, ICBC attended the RCMP detachment to verify the vin of this vehicle, as the vin had been removed. ICBC confirmed the vehicle was stolen and seize the vehicle.
  • 2.39. On February 28th, a snowmobile was stolen. No witnesses, no suspects. This snowmobile has been added to CPIC.

Cpl. Calvin AIRD
NCO i/c Mackenzie RCMP

Monthly RCMP reports can also be viewed in Committee of the Whole reports for Mackenzie Council.

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