Spill operations ceased at WAC Bennett and Peace Canyon dams

Updated July 7th, 2021

BC Hydro has stopped spill operations at both WAC Bennett and Peace Canyon dams on July 6th. The utility says inflows to Williston Reservoir from the rapid snow pack melt during last week’s heat wave have decreased gradually and are now low enough that the need for spilling has ceased.

Spill operations took place from Tuesday June 29th to Tuesday July 6th at both WAC Bennett and Peace Canyon dams.

The reservoir elevation at 3 pm, Tuesday, July 6th, was 669.69 metres, or 2197.1 feet. Flows from Peace Canyon Dam have dropped as a result of ending the spill and will be about equal to the output of three of the four units.

BC Hydro says weather and/or unit maintenance may cause a resumption of spilling at some point during the summer, in which case a new notification will be issued.

Warm weather and high-elevation mountain snowpack melt in the Peace/Williston region were creating higher than expected reservoir elevations. As the water level rises, a spill is required to reduce the rise in reservoir levels. The increased flows were associated with the recent heatwave and reduced discharge capacity through Hydro’s powerhouses due to maintenance activities.

WAC Bennett dam Source: Wikimedia

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