New provincial fund encourages plastics recycling

A new provincial fund hopes to encourage the recycling of used plastics into new products, and create new jobs in local plastics processing.

“Plastic overuse, waste and pollution are impacting environmental and human health all over the globe, and consumers are increasingly demanding products made with recycled content,” said George Heyman, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, in a news release last Thursday.

“There is enormous potential for plastic waste to be source material for new products, keeping it out of landfills and protecting our environment – another strategy in our CleanBC Plastics Action Plan.”

Image by Mali Maeder at Pexels

Global plastic recycling generates an estimated $75 billion a year through major companies committed to using more recycled content to reduce plastics.

According to the province, 315,000 tonnes of plastics, such as those in electronics, beverage containers and other packaging, are captured annually in B.C.’s extended producer responsibility EPR programs. B.C. is a leader in such programs.

Eligible organizations for the fund include: Indigenous organizations; Not-for-profits; Social enterprises, Community contribution companies or co-ops; and private companies.

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