November RCMP report

In November 2022 Mackenzie RCMP responded to 185 files. Mackenzie RCMP noted a high volume of false alarms (27) due to windstorms and power outages. Mackenzie RCMP responded to an above average amount of motor vehicle incidents (19) and mental health files (9) believed to be linked to illegal substance use.

Investigations of Interest:

2.1. On 2022-11-02 Mackenzie RCMP attempted a traffic stop of a vehicle on Hwy 39. The vehicle fled at a high rate of speed on only 3 wheels. Members did not pursue the vehicle but later relocated it on Hwy 97 where it attempted to flee police a second time. The driver lost control of the vehicle and flipped into the ditch. The vehicle was stolen out of Alberta stemming from a robbery. Both occupants inside were arrested by police. The two individuals face a court date of 2022-02-09 In Mackenzie. Media release completed on file at the time of event.

2.2. On 2022-11-03 Mackenzie RCMP responded to a report of a break and enter at the Mackenzie Airport It was noted multiple items were stolen including quads. At this time some of the property had been located/returned and RCMP are actively working to identify suspects.

2.3. On 2022-11-04 Mackenzie RCMP received a report of a domestic assault. Police arrested the accused for 3 counts of assault and breach of court ordered conditions. A bail hearing was completed and the accused was remanded to Prince George correctional centre. The accused was released on 2022-11-10 and is to appear in Mackenzie court 2022-12-15.

2.4. On 2022-11-07 Mackenzie RCMP responded to a report of a fatal motor vehicle accident. Investigation completed and no charges for surviving driver. Media release completed at time for file. BC coroner’s services has taken the file.

2.5. On 2022-11-10 Mackenzie RCMP responded to a report of a suspicious persons on a quad. RCMP attended and confirmed the quad to be stolen. Two people well-known to police were arrested and are to appear in court in Mackenzie on 2023-02-09

2.6. On 2022-11-20 Mackenzie RCMP assisted Mackenzie fire and rescue and BC Ambulance with a motor vehicle collision on Hwy 39 in Mackenzie. Police arrived and confirmed the driver to be impaired by alcohol via an approved screening device. 90-day suspension issues and vehicle was impounded for 30 days.

2.7. On 2022-11-21 Mackenzie RCMP responded to a report of a motor vehicle incident in McLeod Lake. Police arrived and located the driver. The driver was brought back to the detachment where they provided samples of their breath confirming they were over double the legal limit to be driving. RCMP are completing the investigation at this time and will be forwarding charges of impaired operation of a motor vehicle.

2.8. On 2022-11-24 Mackenzie RCMP responded to a report of a person breaching a no contact court order condition. Police spoke to all parties and are completing a court package requesting a warrant for the accused.

2.9. On 2022-11-29 Mackenzie RCMP responded to an unresponsive male in the industrial area. Police attended and confirmed the person to be deceased. Investigation revealed nothing suspicious and the BC coroners service has taken the file.

Cpl. C. AIRD
Mackenzie RCMP

Note: Monthly RCMP reports can also be viewed in Committee of the Whole reports to Council.

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