Council hopefuls get grilled at Chamber event

Candidates for Mayor and Council addressed a packed room at the Mackenzie Legion on the evening of October 4th. Ten of 11 candidates introduced themselves and answered questions sent in ahead of time, with some questions taken from the floor at the end.

The meeting ran three hours, with half the room still present a little after 9 pm, when questions were opened up to the floor.

The forum was organized by the Mackenzie Chamber of Commerce. Nick Roberts and Kim Guthrie emceed. CNC Mackenzie livestreamed it over Zoom. The video recording can be viewed at the link below.

Photo courtesy of David Schindler

Passcode: 9g.Fgzvr

Video (3 hours)

Note: Of 12 original candidates, one has dropped out since the deadline for candidates to withdraw. Newcomer John Dunnings is no longer running but his name will appear on the ballot.

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